Lewis County is in southwestern Washington, stretching 96 miles from the rolling Willapa Hills to the crest of the Cascade Mountains. Mt. Rainier can be seen from some vantages, Mt. St. Helens from others and Mt. Adams from still others. Within its boundaries are a web of forests and rich farmland. Two major river sytems, the Chehalis and the Cowlitz, flow throught the area, carrying the names of the Native Americans who lived on their shores. Lewis County is the sixth largest in the state, but its boundaries once encompassed most of western Washington and British Columbia. The land attracted the earliest explorers and settlers
north of the Columbia River, those who came up the Cowlitz River to shape the history of Washington State. They created government, churches and schools, farms, mines, industries, businesses - and homes. Their role and that of the following generations provide us a vivid slice of Pacific Northwest history.

Join us on a journey into the past in The Land Called Lewis.

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