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Finally, the story of Lewis County is told in a beautiful, easy-to-read book. Twenty-one chapters describe the people and events that formed the present Lewis County. Experience the lives of the native inhabitants. Join the first settlers who cleared the land and established the towns. Follow the harvesting of timber, the mining of coal and the development of crops. Find out how it wouldn't even be "Washington State" had it not been for the people who lived in The Land Called Lewis.
Over 300 photographs were carefully restored to illustrate the unique stories from the days of the first settlers through modern times.

The book took ten years to research, write and publish. It is the only complete history of the area. Once you've read the full story, other local histories and photograph collections fit into the bigger picture - suddenly Ford's Prairie, the Jackson Courthouse and Borst Park have new meaning.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to catch up on 200 years of important history, including many of the firsts of Washington State. Order your copy of A Land Called Lewis today.

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