About the Author
Sandra A. Crowell had always had a knack for writing. This is her second book and she has also written numerous newspaper articles, newsletters and brochures.

Her first book, Up the Swiftwater, co-authored with David Asleson, revealed her special sensitivity to telling stories about time and place.

While serving as the Director of Literacy and as an instructor at Centralia College, Crowell became intrigued with the remarkable accomplishments of the pioneers of Lewis County. She researched and began writing a history that would ten years later become The Land Called Lewis.

The book benefitted from the excellent contributions of researcher Edna Fund, editor John Martin and publisher John Panesko. The group of four spent long days and nights pouring over every sentence and every photograph to produce a valuable book that takes the reader back to a time of mud and cold, of struggle and ultimate triumph.

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